Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Congratulations to Candace Bartmess of West Monroe, LA. She is the winner of the drawing for the "Very Pink" quilt. She told us that she had lost a grandmother and an aunt to breast cancer so she was very grateful that she not only had won the quilt in honor of her loved ones but was pleased that she was able to help.

I want to thank not only Candace but all the other wonderful folks out there who helped us reach our goal. Without your kindness and generosity we would never have completed this phase of our "project." We are appreciative of every penny that you guys gave. Now, pray for our feet. We have lots and lots more walking to do before the big event the weekend of November 20.

By the way, today is my Birthday!! I told my husband that I feel like a banana. It takes so long to get to the ripe stage, the perfect time to enjoy, then, boom, in only a very short time, it is too ripe, age spots and squishy flesh......hmmmm. Think I should change my name to Chiquita?

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