Wednesday, August 26, 2009

(3 miles)

Yesterday was a day of indulgence. I always feel so decadent getting my nails done, sitting there, hand stretched out, being pampered, totally relaxed, ....trying to stay awake. Why does Guilt always try to come for a visit about that time? I am going to change the locks on my doors.

Today my 90 year old mother is supposed to come for a visit, too. She does not even know the meaning of guilt, at least when it applies to her. She is pretty good at teaching others about it, however. For example, she called and left a message the other day. I just happened to be out of town and did not get the message for several days. Wow, by the time the last message was sent, she was saying things like, "Well, I guess it does not matter how I feel, " and, "It looks like you just don't care anymore......" Jeez. Lay it on.

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