Wednesday, September 16, 2009

(4 miles)

I am a good girl. Today it was misty and I still did my walk. O.K., so I did it out of guilt
because I did
not walk the nine mile one on Sunday. I just could not handle two days
of guilt. Should I mention that I was also trying to undo the damage of my dinner from
the night before???

Last night for my birthday dinner, my husband had plans to take me to some fancy
restaurant. I changed those plans. I asked for a hamburger with bleu cheese. He
had to call all over town to find someone who made those. Success was ours. We
had a huge hamburger loaded with cheese on a jalapeno bun and it was joined by
some wonderful sweet potato chips. Of course, I burped all night long from
indigestion but that is why God gave us Alka Seltzer ! Bring on the bread pudding.....

Oh, here is the picture of the winner of the Quilt Raffle. TADA.

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