Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here is the story: I should just say, "Ditto," to my last blog. Talk about things changing with one phone call. We are reeling in a state of....what, shock?, disbelief? relief? A couple of days after the car accident where the emergency room doctors did every test they could think of to check for injuries, we received another call. This call was from one of the doctors who treated Brandy after the accident. He called to say that the complete results of the tests were in and it was discovered that Brandy has over 90% blockage in one of her arteries. This is totally unrelated to her accident. It apparently has been going on for quite some time and was never discovered even with all the tests for her liver surgery, her hysterectomy, her....whatever. Left untreated, as it has been, it is a death sentence. The reason I mentioned "relief" earlier is that we still have time to do something about this because it was discovered at all. I repeat, miracles do happen--who would have thought that a car accident could save a life??? Now, we have to get her to a vascular surgeon. The problem now is no one will treat her because she was not working long enough at her new job for her new insurance to kick in. What has happened to the doctors who are in it for the humanity aspect? not just for the money?

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