Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Luckier, not Wiser Quilter

O.K., I love Casinos.  On the way home from that lovely dinner where Tom drove all the way to give me the Ikat fabrics, Brandy and I decided to stop and blow a wad.  We chose El Dorado.  I am not ever going back to El Dorado.  That was probably the worst return, and fastest expenditure I have ever done at a casino.  I mean, to me, it is like going to the movies...I usually set aside about $20 and fully expect to lose it but have fun in the process.  I play the penny slots and think I am rich every time it dings.  10 ding-dings for 10 cents, impressive sounding, at least... Most of the time,  I put in that $20 and am entertained for a couple of hours with free drinks included.  How fun is that?

Well, at El Dorado, I spend $75 of my hard-earned $$$ and got NADA. not even 30 minutes of entertainment and this was a company who has gargantuan billboards boasting best paying slots, SO. NOT. TRUE

Now, move forward to the trip home.  We are feeling good having broken our sales record for a Jefferson show.  Let's go back to the casino -- a different one.  Let's try Harrahs a.k.a., Horseshoe.  They have the coolest slot machine with a three-dimensional genie.  My kind of game--the penny slots and it talks to you and the chair vibrates.  Vibrating is good, heh heh.  By the time we start to leave, we have over $500 bucks.  We cashed in the voucher and then decided, why not blow the original $20, again....Bang, we win another $365.  Greedy little gals that we are, we blew 65 of it before waking up and taking our money and heading home.    Now, we are feeling pretty amazing.

Did I mention that they also gave us a free dinner for two?  So, we had errands to run, why not run them in Shreveport????  You guessed it.  Apparently bad luck is what runs in threes....we blew about half of what we had won and, folks, earned our very own, "Stupid" pin.

When I called Tom to let him know what had happened, he said, "Dianne, I thought you were smarter than that."  What on earth does this have to do with being smart???????????????  It has to do with GREEEEED.  Where I am incredibly Lucky is the part where my husband hangs up laughing.  Like I said, Luckier, not necessarily Wiser.

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