Friday, January 18, 2013

This Quilter is Lookin' Gooood

I am so excited that I want to share.  I believe I mentioned in an earlier Thread that I discovered a new product.  It is called Nerium.  I have been using it for a few months now and It is amazing.  I have used so many products by all the big manufacturers in the cosmetic industry.  Not one of them produced any real resutlts.   Not until now. 

To me, having someone who does not know you say, "What do you do to your skin that it looks so amazing?", or, someone who does know you say how great your skin looks, what are you doing?  is like losing enough weight that you don't have to actually tell anyone that you lost weight.  It is noticeable....  Well, someone, more than one someone, has noticed my skin, my face, and commented on it.  TADA.  Worth every penny!!

If you, too, are interested in diminishing wrinkles, lightening age spots and discoloration, call me so we can talk.  I would even let you try some.  I think I am going to get someone to take a new picture for my page!!!

Seriously, I feel like a reformed alcoholic, or someone who has quilt smoking and now needs to help everyone else.  Forgive me if I feel enthusiastic to a fault, but I am so excited about this product.  Anytime I like a show, a book, a play, or a product, I want to share it with the world.  Of course, if I am not happy with something, I usually share that, too....

Call me if you would like to share in my enthusiasm...318 247-9725

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