Monday, January 28, 2013

Even Luckier Quilter

My thinking was, "and, a good time was had by all," until I realized that I probably should not speak for anyone but myself.  So, I, Dianne Springer, had a terrific time at the Jefferson Quilt Show.  Brandy and I set up our booth with time to spare (that means we were not the very last to finish), we saw gobs of great folks, I got in lots of hugs, we set a personal best for time it took to pack the trailer, and, we topped our sales from last year!!  How cool is that?

Thank you, everyone, for your part in making my weekend even funner than I had hoped for !!  You shared your hugs, your stories,  smiles, tears,...your hard earned dollars, but, most of all, thanks for sharing your hearts and passions.  I am definitely one Lucky Gal.

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