Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scattered Quilter

I can hear it now, "Scattered?  Like this is news?"  O.K., so this time I am particularly discombobulated (spelling does not count...I have no idea if that is even a word so deal with it).  Anyway, I have always been a list maker. This is not a new Thread topic for me....this "To Do List...." I like to see what I have to do, then check it off when I am done.  Good girl.  I have even been known to add items to my list that I did, after I did them, then check that off, too.  Good girl.

Then, the list became my I got older, more defiant, it seemed to have morphed into my "To Don't List." Uh oh...bad girl....

These days, I am having trouble even finding the list, let alone being able to check anything off that silly thing or, more likely, have anything to avoid.  Nothing is getting done.   

Holy Cow! talk about not getting something done......... Anyone remember my talking about a wedding quilt that I started long before the couple actually got married?  Then, the first anniversary passed last October.....oops.  Welllll, I just this minute found out they are PREGNANT and the quilt is yet to be completed!  Jeez.  I know, I can applique some cute little teddy bears all around the edges and hope that it gets done before the baby is born.  I do love dual purpose items.  ;-) Where is that list?  Definitely gotta add "finish the quilt", as I sit here, and look around the room at the piles....I suppose I had better be more specific. heh heh.


  1. Lists? Hmmm.... You wouldn't be a virgo, would you?

  2. Oh my gosh, how did you know????? Sept. 14th