Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reality Just Won't Leave This Quilter Alone

You guessed it....another phone call.  This time it is from my husband's side of the family.  His Mother died on December 23rd.  She, too, was from Birmingham, Alabama, as was my Mother.  So, we left the beach house and headed to Birmingham for yet, another funeral.   Tom's mother was 94. 

For many years this woman was my mother when I needed her to play that role.  She opened her heart to me and welcomed me into her life without judgement or prejudice.  She loved my children, her grandchildren.  She was part of my life for many many years. 

Even sadder, the most difficult part of this ordeal was having to come face-to-face with my son whom I had not spoken to for nearly 20 years.   When he married, his wife required that he make a choice, he could have either a relationship with his family or a relationship with her.  Obviously, he chose her.  I was finally able to see my grandson who I have not seen since he was two weeks old.  He was absolutely terrified of me.  I took his hand and said, "Hello.  I do not know what you have been told, but, I am your Grandmother and I would love to talk to you." 

With a look of surprise and confusion, he said, "You would?" and then he ran off. 

I have cried until there are few tears left........

A dear friend of mine said this so beautifully:

" I do know that it takes a whole lot of strength to truly love and the pain that comes with loving is sometimes so unbearable that it cuts you into strips.
what a complicated life we all live simple terms, it should be so easy to just `love`... people make it so difficult ."

Whew.  This, too, shall pass.


  1. Wow .. so many things to be sad about in this one post. You have a strong heart, dear Dianne, for it to continue to beat after so much heartbreak. I sincerely believe that The Universe always stays in balance, so there must be wonderful things in store for you. You have Tom: from how you speak of him, he is wonderful.

    My heart, and thoughts, go out to you both. I wish for you only good phone calls in the coming year.

  2. YOu are such a beautiful spirit, my dear Gale. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts and the the support. It is so appreciated.

    Bless you in the coming year.