Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quilter Gets Down to the Wire

Wouldn't you know that even with an entire month to prepare for a show, Brandy and I are now trying to get the month's work done in the next two days?  Deadlines, I definitely need deadlines.  It is a love/hate relationship, that is for sure. 

This weekend is the Jefferson, Texas, Quilt Show, Quilting on the Bayou.  While this is the smallest show we do, it is also very likely my favorite.  The folks are just lovely.  The venue is beautiful.  The quilts are always wonderful and hung right in the middle of everything. Lunch is provided, and I might add, good eats. They are truly concerned that everyone has a good time.  It is close to home.  It is the first show where I entered a quilt (did I mention that my quilt won first place in the "First Quilt" category, heh heh) and the first show where I set up a booth.  The weird thing is that I was not asked back the second year.  When I called and asked why, they said, "We thought you did not like us."

Where on earth that came from, I will never figure out.  All I did was brag about this show.  Rumors!  Oh well, that is all cleared up and we are looking forward to our first show of the year.  Please come join us.  Let's start the, well, my year, out right..... I need my hugs!!!


  1. You are so much fun to be around, girlie ! So I am sending you a hug and telling you that I "need" some of the black/red palm fabric and the black/white dots for a summer HOT bag. That is stunning !

    Have fun at the show and when you return home, let us know if we can someday purchase your beautiful fabrics

  2. Wouldn't that just be the coolest thing, ever. You, my wonderful friend could be the very first to actually purchase and use my company's first line. My goal is to have the fabric in hand before Spring Market in May. So, fingers crossed! MOSTLY, I love the hug!!!!