Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No More Almosts for this Quilter

So now, I have been a really bad girl.  No writing on Monday, either, and, while it is partly Tom's fault, again, I had to admit, I probably could have squeezed a Thread or two into my day.  Tom had asked me to make one of those corded baskets for a co-worker of his who was retiring.  There went that weekend, well, a good part of it, and technically I had been paid in advance, heh heh, and I love any excuse to make baskets so it was hardly a chore....  Anyway, I worked my sore butt off finishing that basket and one guess who left it here?......(you only get one guess because this was just too #$%##^&*^ easy a question).  So, Tom calls in a panic this morning and asked could I meet him part way. So, stop everything, take a bath, dress, etc, and head out to El Dorado.  It definitely does not hurt  that I get to see, hug, kiss, and eat lunch with that sweetie, but, hey, I gotta at least pretend all of this was inconvenient so I can keep him on his toes, kept in an appreciation mode, indebted to sh-h-h-h-h, it will be our little secret.....did I sense the rumblings of another question, this time from someone out there?  A question similar to, "Ok, so that was the morning, but what happened to the rest of your day?"  Hey, I have the perfectly logical answer to that little ditty with a question of my own.

"Do you really think a person is supposed to get bathed, put on make-up, and drive an hour and a half just to turn around and head back home?  with that Mall so nearby?  Silly silly people.  It would have been so wasteful to have simply gone home, I mean that bath water, the soap? the mascara!?!?  I am a card carrying member of the Sierra Club!  I do not waste--and I also deserve credit for awesome willpower.  I actually resisted buying two new amaaaaazing skirts.  So, no grief, you guys,  I am back in the "good girl" category!  Let's hear it for the girl.


  1. Ooooo I would have guessed you'd spend the afternoon messing up that make-up!! :)

  2. you so funny ! Reading your posts puts a grin on my face every time. You have a wonderful life !

    1. It is soooo great having BFF's. You know exactly what to say to make my day. Backatcha.