Friday, July 27, 2012

What a Trip

As I left my brother's house in Santa Fe, I said, "I just want a boring, uneventful drive to Los Angeles.". Was that asking so much? Silly silly Dianne. Brandy and I were not 30 minutes out of Santa Fe when a car behind us came sailing past us, fish tailing, narrowly missing our car at least twice. The car then swerved in front of us, and then went left onto the median hitting the soft sand. That caused the car to turn back around and it sailed back across both lanes, passing across the front of our car onto the shoulder where the car hit more soft dirt and ditches. The car rolled over several times making so much dust it was impossible to see the car for several seconds. I had Brandy calling 911 while I ran in my stupid flip flops as fast as I could to check on the driver of the car. I tried to brace myself for seeing a dead person, tried to remember CPR if I needed it, cursing the flip flops, heart racing....what was truly amazing was the car had landed upright, the woman driver was alive and appeared to be in good shape considering the condition of the car and what it had just gone through. This car had not one single piece of glass left, not a spec of rubber was left on any of the four wheels, the front end was basically gone, the driver was covered in dirt. She was obviously in shock, dazed and confused, but, other than what looked like a broken arm or collar bone, she was good. Miracles do happen. So, after all of the appropriate rescue folks arrived, Brandy and I went on our way, shaken, but definitely counting our blessings.

-hello from wherever

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  1. Wow! Scary! You were fortunate, indeed, to have not been hit - and very kind to provide assistance!