Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quilter's Not So Smooth Sailing

That is putting it mildly. In the first place part of Brandy's and my "plan"was to call ahead to quilt shops along our route to show, and hopefully sell, our fabrics. To our surprise, and shock, several of the shops refused to even talk to us let alone actually take a moment to see us. What on earth is the matter with these guys? I mean, I do not presume to be God's gift to each and every one of them (O.K., O.K., so I was hoping they would at least act like I was). But, could somebody at least tell me why anyone needs to be rude? Ever??? So, we were already not in the best mood as we headed out, but, what happened on day two certainly helped put those silly woes in their places. We had major car trouble. Our car was making noises that I never even knew it was capable of making. I called my 911 (a.k.a., Tom) as if he was going to be able to zap himself here AND fix the car? Well, hearing his voice was at least good for my heart. Anyway, we were so lucky to have gotten as far as we did because I was able to call my amazing brother, Don, and he and his wonderful wife, Lynne, dropped everything and came to the rescue. Not only did they make the two hour round trip, but they acted like they were just sitting around waiting to be our very own personal AAA. What a joy to see both of their beautiful faces. The worst part of this was the call from the repair shop making this most current trip to Reality a real kick in the pocket. The latest reality check comes to $2000. And, add to that little bit of news the part where they tell me the car will not be ready in time for us to get to California. Don And Lynne step back into Savior mode and offer their vehicle for the remainder of our trip. I continue to fall into the "Aren't I one of The Lucky Ones?" category. How can any one person be surrounded by such awesome people?

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