Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quilter's Beadazzled Butterfly

When I should be packing?  You guessed it, I am playing on the computer.  "Playing" is the key here, heh heh.  I am having a ball.  Here it is after midnight, and I am dreaming--dreaming up designs.  So, I will be missing two things while I am gone, Adobe Photoshop, and my walks.  Speaking of the Walk, if you have it in your heart and hands to do so, please make that donation to my Walk for the Cure.  I am majorly behind. Just click below and be sure to spell my name properly. 

I just love this whole Pink Thing and cannot wait to help Dianne

If you are anywhere near Santa Fe, or, Long Beach, come see me and give me a HUGE hug.  I just love hugs.

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