Friday, June 1, 2012

Quilter Attacks List

The List
 I woke up this morning with a huge smile on my face.  For a brief moment, I thought that I had finished my List.   Then, I realized, it was a dream.  But what a lovely dream -- No more stress about projects that have a deadline of yesterday....Instead, I can work on projects that I have not had time for....the ones I usually do while avoiding what I am supposed to be doing....hmmm.  I just had a horrible thought -- what if I actually need the To Do List as a perverse way of motivation for getting things done that do not make it to the List.  Ewww.  This is turning into a nightmare. Perhaps I need to make a new List?

I already know the first thing that is going on my new List.  It will be "Plant more flowers like the ones here in front of my studio."  These guys are great.  No watering, no digging holes, no fertilizing, no opportunity to kill these babies with too much or too little water, no worries about too much or too little sun, no bringing them in when the weather gets too cold
Hmmm, this is sounding more and more like I am still dreaming.  Sheets, here I come.
Tincannia Recylamen

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