Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quilter? Designer? Either?

What a Notion Vari-Color Spools
What a Notion Spools

What a Notion Pins

What on earth am I doing these days?  All I can say is it was not such a good idea that I tore up the List.  I don't know what to feel guilty about if I cannot see what I am avoiding.  What was on that List?  What am I supposed to be worrying about?  Great, now I am even more worried than ever.  Whatever....

How about a peek at what I have been doing for the last several weeks.  First, I will say what I tried to say in an earlier Thread--I NEED feedback.  Maybe you thought I was kidding earlier.  NOT.  I am about to hock the house on this new venture.  What do you guys think of these babies?

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