Thursday, June 14, 2012

Designing Woman - aka, "A Quilter"

Geez.  I have been designing fabrics like I actually had a real job doing that.  No, wait, if it was a regular job, I would get some time off, wouldn't I?  I mean, I slept exactly one hour in the last 44 hours.  At least if I were going to that fictional job, the doors would close at five and then I would be kicked out and told to "Go home, now.  We will see you in the morning."

 My mornings usually start with, "OK, today I am going to .....well, before I get started on that, I think I will just go look at what I was working on last night.  Hmmm, if I just tweak this part, that should not take long......" and voila, hours, and hours, and hours later, I am still sitting at the computer.  Grrreat.  Another addiction.  The problem is, I love my addictions.  It is not like I am biting my fingernails, or drinking, or gambling.   My addictions?  Sewing, knitting, lampworking, painting, creating fabric designs, quilting, yada yada yada....Eating/drinking, sleeping, peeing--are just not on that list.  It does work pretty well since I found that if I do not eat or drink, I do not need to pee, anyway.  And, if I do not sleep, I get more time for my addictions. 

There is just one teensy weensy issue that I have trouble resolving between what I do and that "real job" thingie, I would actually get a paycheck at the end of the week.  I think that the luckiest folks in the world are the ones whose actually get paid for their addictions. Maybe some day????????????

How about another fabric design?

Keeps Me in Stitches

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