Friday, June 29, 2012

Quilter Almost Misses

Yep, I almost missed a day.  It is now four minutes to midnight so I will hurry and say, "Hi," and try my best to squeeze in something before it is tomorrow.  Let's see....

1.  I am working on a silk quilt.  I will post images in a day or so.

2.  Today I walked eight miles and my butt hurts. 

3.  I made a terrific coffee cake tonight.  The weird thing was that I was missing several ingredients so I did a lot of substituting and the amazing thing?  It turned out great.


  1. Oooo you made it just in time! Honestly - the daily blog is hard to do! 8 miles and a coffee cake - love it!

  2. Thanks, you sweetie. However, I just realized that I missed Saturday, altogether, uhoh.

  3. If you walked 8 miles....your butt is supposed to hurt!!:) You go girl!!! I would rather Water Zumba!!!

  4. Well, the problem is I am working my way up to 20 miles a day for three straight days. I am going to walk in the Susan Komen 60 mile Walk for the Cure and unfortunately, that 8 miles is a drop in the bucket....groan. Thanks for the support!!!