Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quilter Quandry

Hmm.  I am thinking that if I try to add to this Thread every day you guys are gonna get awfully bored.  I mean, I can talk.  I can always talk. 

Several years ago, one of my girlfriends needed a ride to see her family in North Carolina.  Thinking it was a day's drive, I said, " I'll give you a ride."  I forgot that the last time I drove there, I lived in Alabama, DUH.  Anyway, that is another story.  Part of the fun while there involved spending the night in a sleezy hotel on the beach and then going boating/skiing/picnicking the next day.  There we were, my girlfriend, her brother and his wife, another girlfriend, and myself, all in the same room.  The next day, my friend's brother remarked,"Wow, she even talks in her sleep."  So, see?  I can always talk.  Perhaps next time I will actually have something of interest to say. 

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