Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Quilter Returns

Wow, I checked the stats and found there are actually folks out there who are definitely my BFF's.  You are still loyal enough to continue to check in on me totally without reward.  That is amazing and makes me smile, big time.....Kiss kiss kiss.

Brandy and I have been in Arlington, Texas, at the Martha Pullen Show.  I cannot say it was the most successful show we have done this year but it was still fun.  I shared my new fabric designs to the general public and got grrrreat response.  How can that NOT be fun?  The only sad part was we came home to a yard full of sad plants.  Very sad plants.  After all that work on the flower beds, even the automatic watering system that we installed was not enough.  Of course, we set the timer and left for a week.  We do not even know if it worked.  Such trusting folks are we...apparently such suckers.  Dried arrangements in the flower beds do not work for me., the reason I only got two hours of sleep the night before we left--a new trash can for my powder room.  Yea, I am delighted.

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