Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quilter's Close Call

Whoa.  I really had a close call today.  I learned a long time ago, don't go for a walk without the goodies.  No, I do not mean candy.   I am referring to the basics--toilet paper and a telephone...Well, truthfully, the phone is at its most necessary when one does not have the toilet paper.  The issue is becoming more and more serious as the practice walks become longer.  What I realized, today, was that all the paper and phones matter not if there are no potty spots.  My list of requirements for one of those has become a lot shorter since all of these new houses have been built.  Nature calling is not just to go Hunting, Fishing and Camping, folks.  Nature was friggin screaming at me and there was no place to hide.  Geez. I am actually wondering about packing the Depends.  Grosssssss.

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