Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quilter on Strike

Hrumph.  I asked for comments on the fabrics, you guys.  You failed me.  Not one single person said, "Yuck, I would never buy these if they were the last fabrics on earth"....or, "I would go naked and cold before I would use these designs next to my gorgeous bod," ...or, "WOW, if I cannot have these designs, I quit sewing!!!!!!"

 SOMETHING.  So, I stopped writing for a while...maybe forever.  Oh, here are some more designs for you to not comment on....

"As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip " (c)

Bobbin' Along


  1. my suggestion for you as to your fabric designs.... consider what quilts you "see" making with these fabric motifs..... so many quilters out there rely on the fabric designers and stores tp come up with pattern ideas to make using your hard work and if you have something in mind, in the back of your head, it would be a kindness to reveal.... not all of it, of course, but what is it that makes you think of a quilt with spools, bobbins, rotary cutters.... is it perhaps a tote bag, or toolkit to carry to class?

  2. How did you know that? Can you see inside my head? I have already designed both of those things. Just gotta get home and complete them.