Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where is that Quilter????

Here I go, again, working on things that probably could wait.  Hrmph.  Who is making out that list, again?  Oh, yeah, that would be I, heh heh.  This project was officially moved to the top of the list. I have been on the computer for more than a week working on this series. Thus, the neglected Threads.  sorry....

Whatchathink?  I am seriously considering having this be part of my first line.  Feedback would be terrific.  This time, it needs to be not only from the heart, but, honest suggestions, particularly do you think you would actually purchase this?  (Before I spend $10,000 per design !!!!)

I will post some others as I get to them.  This might actually allow for moments to add to this Thread.  After all, the potty is waiting, heh heh.   I think I need to add better lighting to my new "office."

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