Saturday, April 7, 2012

NOT Quilting, Darn

Definitely not quilting right now.  It seems like I say that more and more these days.  We are in the process of replenishing our stock for the next show.  Actually, before that, I am heading down to Alexandria, Lousiana, on Tuesday for a bit of show and tell.  The "tell" part always lasts longer than I plan.  Again, I asked the meeting planner, "How long would you like the program to last?"

Silly gal.  She innocently said, "Oh, about 30-45 minutes."  As if that is gonna happen.  Given the fact this talk is all about ME and Quilting..., well, I ask you..."How long would it take you to talk about your passion?"  I figure I am doing well to keep it to a couple of hours and I still end up with sore shoulders from patting myself on the back for keeping it so short, heh heh. To top it off, they want a demo of one of the projects in the book.  Wow, there goes the afternoon!  Oh well, I love a good challenge and this will definitely challenge my abilities to get a lifetime into "30-45 minutes."

Have a wonderful Easter, a lovely weekend with those who make you smile.  This is my fat free, sugar free gift to you....


  1. Hope the ladies in Alexandria enjoyed your program as much as those of us in Monroe did. You and Brandi are a delight and can never talk to much.

  2. What a perfectly delightful comment to wake up to. Thank you so very much for that. I will have a hard time wiping the smile off my face all day long. Hugs and more hugs to you.