Monday, April 9, 2012

Messy Quilter

I feel a lot like the character in Peanuts.  I am referring to the one that leaves a dirty mess every where he goes.  At least my stuff is not usually dirty.  However, I do fit the MESS part.  I come home to a beautifully clean house, thanks to our wonderful housekeeper, Soledad.  We love her.  Anyway, the house is spotless, then, we arrive home.  It looks like an explosion.  Burped right out of the car and into the house are dirty clothes, empty cartons (we hope), suitcases galore, souvenirs, food items, just stuff, stuff, and more stuff.  It always looks like more stuff than we left with.  To top it off, greeting us is a stack of mail that makes me want to run back to the car and drive to...well, anywhere that reality has not discovered. 

Right now, we are busy starting the process all over, again.  We are stuffing the car with our stuff--mostly so we can bring home new stuff to stuff in already stuffed rooms and closets.  I need a manicure.......


  1. Your not alone in the messy department. You should have seen my quilt room this past weekend. "A DISASTER".

    You brought a smile to my face reading your post. :-)

  2. That makes ME smile--thank you