Friday, April 20, 2012

Dumb Quilter

Really, really, dumb quilter.  Yep.  The initial "D" no longer stands for "Dianne."  From now on, it stands for "Dumb Dianne."  What a doozie performance I gave, today.  I ran about a dozen errands this fine day.  Got a good bit accomplished.  Feelin' pretty good about my day, about me.  Then, "Pow, Pow," this quilter got slapped back into humbleness.  My last errand involved going to the bank to get our traveling money.  We sat there for what seemed like forever while the teller kept apologizing for taking so long.  Friday with only one teller for three windows.  Talk about dumb!  Anyway, I occupied my time working one of my delightful Crossword puzzles.....finally, the money is shot down the tube. I drove off.  Nearly home, I realized, OMG, I drove off without the $$.  Need I say more??????????????

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