Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wandering Quilter

Since the last time I added to this Thread, I have been to Alexandria, Louisiana, then on to Oberlin, LA, spent the night in Coushatta, Louisiana, drove over to Houston, Texas, then down to West Columbia, Tx, back to Houston, then back home. Whew.  We left on Tuesday and returned on Friday.   I actually took my I-pad with the best of intentions of keeping my whereabouts current, like anyone really cares anymore, sniff, sniff.  I even took it with me to the potty.  The problem with writing on the potty is that it takes time and my son and his wife have a one potty house.  Enough said?  My plans did not originally include all of that travel since I am madly trying to squeeze in preparing for Paducah.  Also, I am supposed to be making cushions for Mother's birthday present, finish a wedding quilt, make new samples, placing orders, filling orders, ....well, you get the picture.  I started a flower bed months ago with the intentions of finishing it before the weather got too cold.  Now, I would like to complete it before the weather gets too hot.  In the meantime, I am seriously considering printing my own fabric.  I will need lots of feedback on this one, folks.  Not only will I have to do tons of work to prepare for this, I would have to figure out where to store thousands of yards of fabric, then where and how to get it from rolls to bolts, then......I might need my head examined.  I definitely need a manicure, now....and a pedicure.

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