Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Showers means more Quilting

Well, at the least, April showers mean I am inside rather than outside.  There is the potential for quilting and quilt related fun.  I am still playing on the computer.  How about another peep, I mean peek, (too much Easter candy on the mind, heh heh -- I love Peeps) at another design?


  1. Dianne, I asked you earlier for information on getting your book and then I never followed through . . . got busy doing other things and it slipped my mind. However, I will be in Ruston over Memorial Day weekend. Will you be in residence? If so, maybe I can buy the book and we can share a couple of quilting stories at the same time. Linda

  2. As far as I know I will be home that weekend. It would be terrific to meet you and spend some time together. Please call beforehand because my life changes from moment to moment. I am looking forward to it! Oh my number would be good: 318 247-9725

  3. I'll definitely call first . . . hope we can get together even if for a few minutes. Linda