Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quilter Heaven

Well, I am not realllly in Heaven, it just seems like it.  I mean, here I am in Houston, at Market, no booth to set up, and my only job?  Walking up and down the isles meeting and greeting all the terrific folks.  I just love Bernie, Gloria, Aaron and Debbie, Barbara and Michael, Kathy Alice, Barbara (another one -- there are a lot of Barbara's), Caryl Fallert, Darlene, Mary, ...well you get the gist.  It feels like my very own party.  The best part?  I did not have to clean my house or cook the food, heh heh. 

My hair definitely got reactions.  Some great, some not so great.  The scariest part?  I am not only starting to get used to that reflection, I am starting to like it.  Gulp. 

One of the most interesting serendipitous meetings was when I noticed a large line of women at one booth.  I stopped to talk to one of the ladies to find out what the attraction was that was causing the line.  It was a book signing and she just happened to be a book critique and was very interested when she found out about my book (hey, I have very little control over my mouth...sometimes words fall out that I have no control over.  This time it just had something to do with my book, and, well, I just might have mentioned my desire to be a "Hooker.") 

By the way, I need some action on the comment section, guys.  I miss it when you do not bolster my ego.  I am not too proud to beg......thanks, again, for being there, for the great support.



  1. HAHAHA!! Comments coming your way! I love the hair, by the way. It's definitely not the pink hair that little old ladies of yesteryear used to sport!! So glad you had fun and Market. Isn't it funny how those words can just fall out with no plan?

    About that thing you forgot and had to make the unexpected 12 hour round trip .... FedEx, maybe? HA! Just a thought .....

    (Funny thing ... I always thought I'd make a good Madam!)

  2. Love you, girl. I just knew I could count on you to give me some much needed support. As for the FedEx part, it was a Saturday and I needed the stuff by Sunday. What a nightmare. Anyway, all went well. We just got in last night and hit the sheets by 9. So not like me. Again, thanks for the great support.