Monday, November 28, 2011

Quilter Returns Home

Such as it is.  My sweet hubbie and I just arrived home a few minutes ago.  We left our daughter, Brandy,  with my niece, Sigrid, back in Ocean Springs.  There is such a short time before she has to return home to Sweden and so much to be accomplished.  In a few days, I, too, will return to help go through a life-- my sister's beloved collection of fun and funk.  We have always been drawn to similar things, having made a pact years ago that the first one who spied a treasure had "first dibs."  Of course, all she had to do for me to give up my first dib rights was to say, "Oh Dianne, please, please, please," and I was a goner, she was the receiver.  So, needless to say, she has a lot of treasures.  What she did not know was that she was the best treasure of all.

Here is a poem that I thought you might enjoy.  I read this at the memorial, yesterday.  While the weather was wet and cold, the memorial was beautiful and many wonderful friends paying their respects and giving with their hearts.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, and Acceptance

During our walk you broke from our path and went your own way.
You didn't have time to look back.
I didn't think to call out to you and I hardly remembered to watch
your silhouette as it faded from sight.
Had I known, my angel, I would have touched your face
and looked into your eyes to recall everything I could fit
into my mind about you.
How I wish I could turn them into tangible things to hold onto now,
but they can't replace you and the hope that there will be more.
If only's and regrets, promises of a better place and your legacies await me.
I envy your freedom.
It is a sad twist to mourn the dead and rejoice for the living.
Reason will come, bringing the revolutions of the cycle, 
of which together we are still a part.

by Kathy Milazzo

Just one more HUGE thank you to all who took part in any aspect of this process.  It does help....

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