Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Come On Quilters

Check out this terrific photo of our booth in Houston.  (I finally found the cord for downloading the images, heh heh)  Makes ya wanna hop in the car and drive straight down to Houston and run, not walk, right up to our booth, doesn't it?   Oops, too late.  However, we were delighted with the response to my newest rug design.  We have started giving away free patterns all the time if folks buy at least three yards of fabric.  Seems like most people are affected, as am I, by the magic of "FREE."  Fabric jumped off the shelves and into folks bags.  The most popular pattern? You guessed it -- the Rug Pattern.  In fact, many of the other vendors have been purchasing the pattern. Looks like we might just see a plethora of these guys on floors, everywhere !  Waaaay fun.

Every bit as fun is the next item--a pair of jumpers made with our fabrics.  Lois Hoger of Iowa made these sweet babies for her sweet grandchildren.  How proud am I to be part of that ?  HUGELY,  thanks so much Lois, for choosing our fabrics.

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