Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Crazy Here

It seems crazy for me to continue adding parts of my new pattern, like nothing has changed in my life.  To the contrary, everything is changed.  Nothing will ever have quite the level of joy, the same meaning to me.  Sorry if that sounds too dramatic, but, it is a dramatic situation.  If this is a movie, it is a horror show and I want to find the exit door.

I was able to talk to my sister's roommate/friend this morning.  She said Deb's last words were "We-e-e-e-e" as she took her feet off the cycle, sticking them out in the air, flying ahead of the others, trying to get them to go faster.....flying into the hands of the angels.

So, please forgive me if it seems like I am not respectful enough or thoughtful enough.  I just have to find some sense of "normal"  so, I will continue to add to the pattern--clinging to what life was like on November 16th..... 

Waist band:  7" X 68 1/2" (or, if piecing, 1/2 yard cut into four pieces, each 7" x 17 1/2")


  1. There is nothing to forgive! We all grieve as we need; nobody grieves the same. My family tends to collapse in laughter when telling stories of the loved one we've just lost - it's how we grieve. Then there are the moments when I wonder how the world can keep spinning and people's lives just go on as normal when I'm so sad. It's how we get through it. I believe that sharing grief lessens the load - really, I do!! Please continue to share with us, post pattern parts, and let us help carry some of the pain of this sad time. xoxoxoxo

  2. What beautiful sentiments. It is amazing to know there are beautiful people like you who understand. One question...what on earth are you doing up at 3:49 in the morning????

  3. Sweetie you will be up and down, up and down for a long, long do what's right for YOU. There is nothing you need forgiveness for. So many of us have been through this, and understand, and empathize.

  4. Ha! About the 3:49 a.m. .... I am a morning person indeed! Normal wake-up time for me is 4:30, so on those days when I wake early (as we all sometimes do), it's REAAAAAALLLLLY early! I love my mornings, though!