Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Quilter is HOME

I do not think that I even moved last night.  Someone could have been standing in the doorway of my house, charging for entry, and I would have paid the fee, no questions asked.  Lordy, what is it about one's own bed???? 

We had a great time in Houston.  It did not hurt that we were staying at our son, Chris's, and daughter-in-law, Kat's, house and that it was one of our best shows, ever.  It also did not hurt that we spent most of the time talking about "the" book and getting such great feedback.  Did I mention that I am now doing the final editing?  Wow, it does not seem real.  At least it does not seem like it is "all about Me."  Of course, it is not.  This truly is taking a Village. 

We took pictures, too.  I just have to find the camera in the item we call a car.  It looks more like a homeless person's grocery cart with everything they own in a large messy pile.  Luckily we drive it as opposed to pushing it.  Jeez.  I just remembered.  We have to empty it, today, so I can drive to Monticello.  Sigh.  No rest for this very very weary quilter--the good news, there is definitely some s..., um, fun, in my husband lives in Monticello. heh heh.

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