Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I need a little help, here.  A reader who goes by the "name," Shellerina, contacted me asking questions about the wedding quilt that I posted several months back.  I just found her comment, today, gulp. (long story)  Anyway, I do not want to ignore her question, so, hopefully, she is not so angry with me for not responding that she has given up on me, altogether.  Hi, Shellerina, please let me know how to contact you about the quilt.

Now, if I do not add to this blog for the next several days, it is because we have left for New Orleans and the dreaded week ahead of us.  My sister arrives in New Orleans, today.  The rest of our family arrives on Wednesday...The weird thoughts that are traveling around my head--I mean, I was so looking forward to seeing my dear brothers.  Then, it occurred to me, this morning, it just makes it so much more real that they will be there and my sister will not.  Now, dread is my dominant emotion....

Please, all of you have a great Thanksgiving.  Hug everyone you know.  I will be giving thanks for all of the amazing love and support that has poured out of you guys.  So, again, I thank you.

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  1. Aw hon...I'll be praying for your safe.