Friday, November 25, 2011

The Perfect Container

Ever try choosing the "perfect container" for your sister's remains?  That has to be the weirdest shopping experience I, or anyone else, could ever have

We received a call from the funeral home, today.  They wanted to let us know that the deed was done.  Our sister is cremated.  I know I am being ridiculous, but I had the strangest feeling that she was not dead...that they did this without checking to see if she was really gone.  Such a nightmare this has been and continues to be.

I am doing my best to move on, to get through this......let's do this together, my friends.


  1. Yes it is a surreal know, that feeling you're having is a part of grief, it's perfectly normal. Nothing ridiculous. It took me about a year to really realize my father was gone, I spent the whole year in anger and denial, and also being physically sick. I internalized all my grief and it came out through my health. When you're ready, you might want to check into a book called Good Grief, it's about the various stages of grief. It's by Granger E. Westberg. It's been around for a long time, and I recommend it highly.

    Big big hugs, hon.

  2. Dianne, you must know that you are surrounded with the love, support and friendship of both friends in real life and those of us in the ethers. When you return home, use this grief to create something positive in your sister's honor.

    more big big hugs