Friday, March 25, 2011

Zippity-Do-Daisy Quilt Square

Are any of you aware of the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks? Well, I just submitted my block for the potential inclusion in the November issue. We will see if I need to thicken my skin for rejection, or, if I get the opportunity to make a fun announcement. So, just in case, I thought I would give you a peek at the block. Shhh. This just might be one of those secrets that I am supposed to keep. When in doubt, post it. By the way, anyone recognize the main fabric? Perhaps soon, many folks will be able to say, "Yes! it is Dianne Springer's fabric from Timeless Treasures. Brace yourselves, these shameless references to my fabrics are becoming more and more frequent and I sense there will be more in my future. Please bear with me.

(Does this look anything like the Mousepad Kits I am supposed to be assembling? Hmmmm. It is not really my fault. It was officially on my "ToDo" list and we all know what happens to those items....)


  1. ~This~ BFF recognizes that this is --->Dianne Springer <--- because look how the yellow makes the white and the red just pop with personality - and the cute applique of zippers and buttons. That ~really~ REALLY is too cute, Dianne. And you know how I love dots. AND there is nothing shameless about recognition for darned hard work

    I would love to see your name in 100 Blocks - that is an awesome publication in which to get exposure. and be patient, Grasshopper !

    Enjoy your weekend with the mister !

  2. Made my day...fingers crossed about the Block. I have not forgotten your little gift. Just waiting on a delivery. hugs to you, my sweet BFF.

    And the best part? Your wishes for my enjoyable weekend with the man from Heaven?...came true!