Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quilters on the Road, Again

It is definitely that time of year. Quilt Shows, everywhere. We are heading for Dallas very, very, very early in the morning tomorrow. We have at least three days of stuff on our "list" to do before we leave. I am presently doing none of them.....

To complicate matters, we just got the largest single order we have ever gotten and are busily trying to get parts ordered so they will be here when we return so, we can then, cut, print, fold, package and ship in a timely manner, like, when the customer needs it?!

I hope to see you in Dallas. If not there, at any of the other shows throughout the year. We are trying to get into the Road to California show as well as the Puyallup show so if you have any personal, business, or any other connections to these shows, please HEEELLLP. Foreverly appreciative, in advance, or any other time. Dianne


  1. Hey what's up in Dallas? I'm driving to California (follow my journet - ( and stopping in Dallas on Friday. Do I need to stay for a quilt show??? Ooooooooooo Fun!!!!! tell me more! (Are you on Facebook??_

  2. (or you could follow my jouney, instead of a journet) (*dying of spell-shame!!*)

  3. definitely need to stay for the quilt show. It is supposed to be a good one. This is our first time to vend there.....Come give me a hug!!!

    Dallas Quilt Celebration

    Dallas Market Hall, Arlington, TX, March 11-13