Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exhausted, Not so very Cleansed, Quilter

Much to my chagrin, I am admitting I am exhausted. I do not like to admit frailties for some silly reason. Like I am not human??? Like I am not friggin' old???? We, meaning my daughter and I, drove to Shreveport, yet again, to meet with the builder and a realtor. The builder, Mathie, is the wonderful guy who we contracted with to build Brandy's home five years ago and he still comes to help out with sticky doors and other minor complaints. How incredible is that? and he does not charge anything. And, we get hugs.

In the meantime, we spent the rest of the day doing more cleaning, packing, and driving and unpacking and loading stuff in the ready for this to be over! ready for the house to be sold. To make matters worse, we will be losing $$ on this ordeal making me a not-very-happy-camper.

On a lighter note, speaking of human frailties....I actually have an abundance of them. How about a little proof? lets discuss "stupidity!"

The other day my daughter showed me several items she had ordered. She must have been feeling chubby that day because most were bottles of herbs that had to do with weight loss. At least one of the other bottles contained herbs for "colon cleansing." Fun stuff. I am looking at these guys and thinking, "Everyone can probably use a good cleansing now and then. Why not? The instructions said take three to five capsules. Like a good girl, I decided less was more, so I took three. Hmmm. I did not notice anything remarkable the next day so I took four on day two. Again, not what I would consider a "sparkly day" in that department. So, on day three, I decided, go for broke, take the five! I reached down into my overnight bag, grabbed the white bottle and sucked down five of those guys. Now, do not ask why, because I have no answer for it, only afterwards did I reach for my glasses, thinking, "exactly what is in these pills, anyway?" I start reading. First, the directions. "1. Do not take later than FIVE hours before bedtime. (It was midnight!!) "2. Each of these capsules contains the equivalent of three cups of caffeinated coffee. " I had just sucked down FIVE of these time bombs. Now, I not only do not drink coffee, EVER, I avoid most things that even look like they contain caffeine because I have very serious issues with RLS. (Chocolate does not count, by the way -- BFF's do not remind other BFF's of the myth about caffeine being in chocolate)

Turn the bottle over. CRAP. This was one of the bottles of weight loss pills!!!!. Needless to say, I did not have the most restful of evenings, UNDERSTATEMENT. Not only that, I felt like crap, without much cr###pping" allll day the next day. And, NO, I am still not cleansed, and will probably never be cleansed, or desire to be cleansed. In fact, the very word "Cleansed" will very likely go only my list of "four-letter-words-that-should-not-be-used-in-polite-society".....need I say, Stupid, again?

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