Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Lucky Quilter

Amazing, simply amazing how lucky one gal can be.  I mean, here you guys are, coming for a visit...lucky me.  Now, top that off with my good fortune at Market.  I met the nicest people this time.  I mean, there are always nice folks there, it is just that this time I hit the Nice Person/People Lottery.  Not only did I meet one gal, Phyllis, who gave the most incredible testimonial I have ever heard, but that was only part of my blessings....enter into my life, Gabby and her sweet husband, Tom.  Gabby is someone I loved from the moment I met her.  Shoot, I saw her in her booth and I thought, "Isn't she lovely?"  Then, I met her and I was completely blown away.  It is as if we had known each other all of our lives.  We have so much in common that we felt like sisters.  She is helping to fill the HUGE void that my beautiful sister, Debbie, has left in my heart.  Of course, no one can ever truly fill that void.  The truth be known, each of you who are out there, caring how I am, reading my thoughts and letting me know you are together with me in my days, are my sisters.

But, Gabby, well, she has touched my heart at a really deep level.  I hope to have as many of you out there get to know her, too.  As soon as she and her delightful husband, Tom (again, amazing that her husband has the same name as my husband...), send pictures, I will post them and give you the privilege of getting to know her, too.  The truth is, everyone I spoke to who had met her felt they had met someone who was a treasure so it is probably more like a Duh moment when I say, "You are just gonna love Gabby." 

"Some folks come into our lives and quickly go....others come and leave footprints on our hearts."  


  1. Don't you love it when you meet someone and it's instant deep friendship? You are lucky, indeed! I'm looking forward to "meeting" her. And ... how was Market, otherwise?????

  2. To be perfectly honest, Market was very disappointing. I have a LOT way to go before i can print my fabric.

  3. Oh, dang! I'm sorry to hear this. It's tough out there, isn't it?