Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quilter's YIKES

It seems like "Yikes" and "Eek" are becoming part of my every day, every hour vocabulary.  Take today.   I woke up after my usual two hours sleep thinking, "Great.  I have a few hours before I have to get ready for my meeting...I am even going to have time to do my walk, check on that quilt top I am working on, and, with any luck, play on the computer a bit." HAHAHAHHA.  My next thought, at least that what it felt like, was, YIKES!  I have fifteen mintues to get ready.

There was no walk.  O.K, there was a tiny bit of checking in on the quilt top.  Mostly, there was "playing on the computer."  It is a friggin' addiction!   YIKES.  I  now have three minutes to get ready. Seeya.

1 comment:

  1. It's terrible, isn't it? I turn on the computer and BOOM! It's 2 hours later. Yikes, indeed!