Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Totally confused Quilter

I need some serious help. Well, I do need help in lots and lots of areas but, for the sake of this discussion, perhaps I should narrow down the field. I need help at this moment with this computer stuff. Not narrow enough? O.K., I need help with this "sharing" thingie I keep seeing on things like "Facebook," "Google," "Google+," you name it....oops I suppose that just un-narrowed the field. Hellllllp. I am told, "Dianne, why don't you just hit the sharing thingie so you can post your blog on Facebook? Or, why don't you "share" on Twitter? Or, "share" some of your creations on.....WHATEVER!!! I DON'T KNOW TO DO THIS, STUFF!!!


  1. Share just means that you are passing on whatever it is to those who are connected to you on FB or Twitter. I have my blog set to automatically post to FB and Yahoo updates. I don't have twitter...Ask around at your next venue. Someone can show you and help you out with it. Remember, it gets you more marketing exposure!