Monday, October 8, 2012

Quilter Heaven

Ha ha ha, you guys thought that I would be discussing something with a needle and thread.  Nope.  This is another of my "projects" that requires no sewing at all....first, it is where I wrap myself up in Tom's arms and smile 'til my cheeks hurt.

It is also where, once more, I find myself thanking my lucky stars for all of my blessings.  I had two delightful shows, back-to-back, neither of which were even remotely profitable, financially, but personally, and emotionally, they were dynamite.  Probably, the highlight of the shows was when a beautiful lady walked up to me, hugged me, and handed me a card that contained thoughts of support and caring.  You know who you are....bless you.

It is where I say, "Thank you, " to those wonderful folks at AQS for apologizing to me, for my inability to keep my schedule straight, for forgiving my tardiness to three out of four classes and for understanding my inability to be in two places at the same time....and, a thank you to the participants of those classes for giving me such glowing evaluations, making it more difficult than usual to find a hat that will fit....

And, last, but certainly not least, for all of you who are reading this very tardy, I would love to add to this list of blessings the ability to get a real night's sleep.................that truly would be Heavenly.

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