Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gadzooks It Has Been a While

Sometimes when I have neglected this Thread for several days, I think, "Bad Bad Girl." Then, I realize that the reason I am neglectful is because I am too dang busy to stop long enough to write.  At the present time I am doing my best to get ready for Market and Festival in Houston.  Check out the picture to see our progress on the new Booth Look....

This is part of the backdrop for promoting our new line of fabric.  Just to give you a size guide, the scissors are 60 inches long.   Any guess as to the name of the line?  Duh.  Anyway, wish us luck because we need a bunch of shops to buy this so we can actually take it to a printer.  Please call your local shop, MONDAY, to ask them to find us and buy buy buy.  Don't take it for granted that they can find us.  We are small, new, and, there are TONS of other fabric companies they are affiliated with and change is difficult for us all. 

Thanks for the help, support and your patience, heh heh

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