Sunday, March 18, 2012

News Flash--Quilters on the Road

Gee, that reminds me of the real News--same old, same old....we are actually on the Pennsylvania turnpike as I write. Amazing what one can do while driving. Just kidding. I am actually in the navigator's seat right now, talking Brandy through a tunnel, a very very long tunnel. I am pretending that the tunnel does not bother me. What Mother's do for their kids. Did I mention that I am claustrophobic??? We LOVED Lancaster. The show is set up on three floors with quilt displays and vendors on each floor. There were some vendors there that I had not seen before as well as the "Oldies-but-Goodies" that travel the circuit. It is like old home week each time we see the guys from previous shows. Totally a kick to catch up and get my hugs. Hmmm. This writing while driving is reminding me of my childhood. I got carsick while, well, while just riding. I love green but not on my face. More later when I am on a non-moving surface.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the show in Lancaster. My grandson 3 year old grandson loves going through the tunnels on the PA turnpike. They drive from New Jersey to Michigan.