Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blessed Quilter

I do feel lucky, blessed, as it were. Why? Because of all of you sweeties out there who actually care enough to keep checking in on me even though I am a very bad girl for not keeping up with the additions to my Threads. My intentions remain in the, "You-are-such-a-good-person-for-keeping-up-with-your-business," column. I am having to come to the realization that I am more often in the, "Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Isn't-She-Delusional?" column. Hey, I even packed my sewing machine, again, and all of the other paraphanelia thinking I would actually get some time to work on a project. No, to be perfectly honest, I brought more than one project. That Act, alone, should lock me into the latter category. Moving on to another subject...Brandy and I decided to bite the bullet and pay the fee for driving on the Pennysylvanis Turnpike. The rational? It is harder to get off, therefore, we should make better time getting to Chicago. Wait. I thought I was changing subjects but I seem to be back in the, "ha-Ha-Ha....Delusional" subject, vastly underestimating my capabilities for finding ways to get distracted. The GPS said we should arrive in just over 6 hours. We departed around 9:30 a.m.---we pulled into the hotel parking lot in Chicago at 10:30 p.m. Do the math. Oh, dare I mention that we gained an hour by passing back into the Central Time zone? to make matters worse, we must have paid nearly $100 in Turnpike fees. I have an idea. I am creating another category. It is going to be called the, "You-Are-Such-A-Good-Person-Wannabe, column. I feel pretty sure I will be up for the Ten Year pin very shortly......

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