Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last Second Quilter

My whole life has basically evolved around last minute changes in plans...heck, more like last second changes.  Have I ever mentioned that  I attended 13 different schools by the time I was in the 10th grade? People have asked me all my life, 'Where is home?"  Where does my accent, or lack of accent come from?  Shoot, I never stayed anywhere long enough to acquire a specific accent.  I was born in Minnesota.  I lived there three months....

So, here we are scheduled to go to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, leaving on Saturday, the 9th.  Then, I decided last night that I just might hit the road on Tuesday morning and do the Sewing Expo's show in Atlanta this coming weekend.  What do you think I am doing today?  You got it, cutting fabric, loading the trailer, printing patterns, etc etc.  Packing, getting ready to go.  Of course, the plans may change tomorow.....


  1. I kinda like last minute changes. My trip around the country has "suggestions" for where I'll stop, but who knows where I'll actually end up? The best thing about an extended trip? I only have to think about what to take one time!! :) We'll probably pass each other on the road! Stay in touch!

  2. You have a blast and when you make those last second surprises, think of me !!! If you see my white trailer with my logo on the side, you had better NOT pass me by. Call 32 243-2983, immediately, and say STOP. Hugs, Dianne

  3. Totally changing the subject -- please forgive -- but my friend, Janet G recently shared with me your book, 'Scraptacular' and suggested that I might buy it directly from you. Is there someway I can do that? Also, sorry I didn't know about you sooner -- just spent a week in Ruston visiting my sister and would have loved to have met you. Maybe next time! Linda

    1. Hi Gaia's daughter. Yes, you can order the book from me. I, too, am sorry I missed you. Definitely call next time you are in town. If you call me at either 318-243-2983 or 318-247-9725, we can get your book in the mail and into your sweet hands. Please give Janet a hug for me. Oh, the book is $19.95 plus $3 shipping. Thanks for the sweet comment--no forgiving needed, not even a smidgen.