Sunday, March 11, 2012

Creative Quilter

Well, I might not be all that creative, but, I am working on it. No, it has little to do with quilting. It is about trying to figure out how to not only write on this blog while on the road, but, how to find the time to write, and, more importantly, how to remember what my ##%#%¥ password is. Obviously, I figured out the "how to get into the blog," part. Then, after 57 attempts trying to guess what my password is so I could actually add to the Threads, I had maxed out on my allotment of attempts so it took changing my password to get past the "what is your password?" section. ( I really think they should increase that "attempts" limit. I mean, 57??? What's up with that?) Anyway, I am majorly reluctant to change my passwords. The problem with changing my passwords is I will not remember that new one, either. I know, I know, I am supposed to write it down somewhere. I often do that. But how am I supposed to remember where that ratty old envelope went to? Oh, I almost forgot the last part of the dilemma--The "how to find the time to write, part." I realized that with an I-pad, I can write while I am on the pottie!!! Dang, I am creative, after all. Sweeeeeet.