Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Happy Quilter

This little quilter is not just happy, she is deeelighted.  As I said in my book, if making others jealous makes one sleep well, then I am gonna get those new jammies, new sheets and a new pillow because I am definitely gonna be in nighty night heaven after I tell you what I did.  I got a facial.  Forget the new jammies, I was already in Heaven from the moment I lay down on the table.

 The sweetie who was giving the facial said, "remove your shirt and, at the least, roll your pants up to the knees." 

I said, "Um, this is a facial, right?  I mean, why am I rolling up my pants?" 

"Because I am also going to massage your arms and feet." 

Oh Boy!  I was so relaxed I actually did fall asleep. (Told you I didn't need the jammies) My own snoring woke me up from time to time.  Thank goodness because I definitely did not want to miss a second of this. I have never felt that good above the neck in my life before. I'll be back, that is for sure.  In fact, I am putting this place on speed dial, programming it into my GPS, and putting it on my Christmas wish list.

To top it off, I don't even care if anyone is jealous.  I am still in Heaven, sleeping with a smile on my face....oh wait, that smile is not from the facial....Tom is home, heh heh.