Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What is that Quilter Working On?

Pictures, I finally took some...Proof that I have been doing something.  The person I need to prove it to?  MYSELF.  Of course, if one looks at the images of the sewing room, one might think, wow, this is waaay too clean for someone who is actually accomplishing things.  Well, I simply took these pictures to prove that there is a top to these tables.  Normally, they are covered beyond recognition.  However, we are in the process of putting things back together in the "after the water" mode and I thought I would capture this "clean room moment" for posterity.

As for the remaining two images, they are part of the rug that I am doing for Roc-Lon.  They requested a water theme out of our fabrics.  The room that rug is in is definitely not part of the "clean room moment."  Nope,  nada, not gonna happen......

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