Monday, October 24, 2011

Quilter Survives 60 Mile Walk For a Cure

Well, it is over for one more year.  I have to say that I was proud to have finished this one since I had so little time to really practice.  Again, not one blister.  Was I ever lucky.  The really amazing folks are the ones covered in blisters, bandaged legs, feet, shins, etc., who keep on walking, well, limping.  They cry if the medics tell them they cannot continue.  The dedication of these men and women is beyond amazing.  I met two great gals, Sara from Tampa, Florida, and Tunisha, from Atlanta.  They became my walking partners and made it all way more fun.  Tunisha was hurting so badly, I cannot believe she finished the walk, but she did.  It made me cry to see her continue, to see her hurting...and cry with pride that I was part of her ordeal.  We have made a pact to meet and walk in two years.  So, here I go, again.  Why stop now?   Start saving your pennies and dimes, boys and girls.  I will be asking for them soon. 

As soon as I get home I will start posting some pictures of our walk.  Thanks for checking in.  I am waaaay too tired to be clever, so, apologies in advance.

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